Your Business in the Crosshairs:

Cyber Threats Skyrocket This Holiday Season

The Problem Unwrapped

Cybercriminals prefer the holiday season for several reasons:

  1. Increased Online Activity: There’s a surge in online shopping and overall internet usage, providing more opportunities for attacks.

  2. Reduced Vigilance: People are often more distracted and less vigilant during the holidays.

  3. Staff Shortages: Many businesses operate with reduced staff, especially in IT departments, leading to slower response times to threats.

  4. Higher Financial Transactions: The volume of transactions increases, making businesses more lucrative targets.

  5. Attack Planing: Cybercriminals are also smart in their business decisions, therefore attacks are planned long-term in order to maximize the monetizable outcome.

These factors combine to create a perfect storm for cybercriminals to exploit vulnerabilities and carry out their attacks more successfully.

Social Engineering cases reported (2021) in Japan
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increase in DDoS attacks in the first half of 2023 compared to 2022.
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of cyber-attacks globally depend on Social Engineering

Don’t Let Hackers Steal Your Holiday Cheer

It’s the peak of the holiday season, your business is thriving with a record number of online sales and customer interactions.

Then, without warning, disaster strikes.

A sophisticated cyberattack breaches your system. Suddenly, confidential customer data is compromised, financial transactions are frozen, and your website is rendered inoperable.


Your staff is overwhelmed, trying to control the damage, while customers flood your phone lines.

The reputation you’ve spent years building is tarnished overnight.

This nightmare scenario isn’t just a possibility; it’s becoming increasingly common during the holidays, when cybercriminals prey on businesses distracted by festive activities.