ITD-GBS Tokyo to present at Venture Cafe Tokyo Rocket Pitch

Speaker from ITD-GBS Tokyo to pitch at Venture Cafe Tokyo Rocket Pitch talking in front of audience.

ITD-GBS Tokyo is excited to announce our upcoming pitch at the Venture Cafe Tokyo Rocket Pitch event on March 2, 2023. We’ll be showcasing our latest innovation, Mobyl, a device that is revolutionizing how small and medium businesses tackle remote work and IT inefficiency. Mobyl is the solution to the 1-person IT department problem. Designed […]

Happy New Year ! Wishing you a Joyful 2023!

As we welcome the New Year, we would like to express our gratitude for being a valued client of ITD-GBS Tokyo. The past year has been a rollercoaster, but we are proud to have stood by you through it all. 2023 brings with it new opportunities and a fresh start. We are committed to supporting […]

Mobyl Wins at Shibuya QWS Hachiko Pitch Contest

ITD-GBS Tokyo is proud to announce their solution, Mobyl, has taken first place in the Shibuya QWS hachiko pitch contest, voted by the audience as the most innovative and impactful IT solution on the market. But what makes Mobyl so special? Its combination of robust security measures and intuitive design make it the perfect solution […]

Techbizkon2020 @ CIC

We’ve visited the Techbizkon powered by .. luckily it was held at our satellite office. In the picture from right: Kana Goto, Daniel Schwarz.

AI Symposium 2019

Daniel Schwarz氏(ドイツ・ITB GBS)は、AIがもたらした倫理的課題について具体例を交えながら紹介しました。そして、EUにおけるAIに関する倫理ガイドラインの内容について詳細な説明が行われ、AIシステムのライフサイクルにおける留意点について指摘がありました。【資料】